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We just love gelato!

At La Dolce Vita, we pride ourselves in our tempting treats made from the highest in quality, fresh ingredients that gives our customers a sweet taste of life; an experience so memorable you'll be sure to come back for more.


It's what's on the inside that counts

From the age of two to 100, it is important to us that our customers, wherever they are, enjoy the highest quality ice cream. point. And because ice cream has an equal quality of freshness, we chose to set up an active ice cream kitchen in each branch. This means that all la dolce vita ice creams are naturally produced daily on site

With all due respect to ice cream (and there is respect!) There is nothing like gelato. What is the difference? You'd be surprised, but the difference is ... in the air. In the preparation of a traditional Italian gelato, the quality raw materials are mixed slowly and carefully. Such mixing allows only a small amount of air to enter the freezer (about 20-30% air compared to 3 times in regular ice cream) and thus a rich, deep and filling taste is created. Want more differences between gelato and ice cream? you are welcome! While regular, industrial ice cream is produced in quantities of thousands of liters to taste in order to streamline and save on production costs, real gelato is prepared in small portions. With us, in la dolce vita, only about 3-4 kg of each flavor is prepared at a time, so that you will get it in its perfect texture every time.

La dolce vita raw materials

Only the finest raw materials get free admission to the kitchen. stabilizers? whey? Vegetable oil? No thanks! Not in a legend. Our gelato is based on the purity of the cream, fresh milk and a variety of raw materials imported directly from Italy. We create our legendary flavors with the best toppings, like Piedmont hazelnuts, great pistachios, some we make ourselves and 100% real chocolate. In sorbet we use fresh or frozen fruits of excellent quality and use quality mineral water. Our yogurt is a natural yogurt and even on the sauces for decoration we do not allow on a millimeter.

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